MeasurePro for Drawers


Vendor: Measure Pro
Type: Drawer

Now it’s time to dress up those drawers around your kitchen and bath. And guess what else? They’re a lot easier to open with handles or knobs than reaching under and yanking some groove that’s hard to find! Right?

Here’s how it works:

Horizontal Centering

Find the center point of the drawer by using the chart on the back of the packaging.
MeasurePro for Drawers
Examples: 30-inch drawer (15-inch centered)
OK, too easy.
30 5/8" drawer (15 5/16" centered)
Mark the center point with a light pencil mark and slide template over the mark.

Vertical Centering

Same instructions, just sideways. Sort of. If the drawer is a five-inch front, vertical measurement, you come down 2 1/2" inches if you want it exactly cenetered vertically.

But hey, what about a 5 1/2 inch drawer front? You have to come down 2 3/4". So, if it’s not on the template, what then?

Go on to the next page and we’ll discuss the art of “creative interpolation”. What? View More Ways to Use Measure Pro.