More Creative Ways to Use MeasurePro for Drawers...

You want to put a six-inch handle on the side of a door:

  • Easy. Turn the template sideways and flush against the door. Wherever you want the six-inch handle, mark for three inches. Now, slide the template up the side of the door where the top hole you marked is under the bottom hole of the 3-inch span. Mark up another 3 inches and now you have a six inch span marked and perfectly squared from the door.

You want to put a standard 3-inch knob up the side of a door:

  • Again, turn the template sideways and measure up the side of the door. Let’s say, for instance 12 inches up the side. Now place the center mark of the template over the mark and pencil in for the 3-inch span.

The MeasurePro for Cabinets is set to specific measurements. But, with the MeasurePro for Drawers, you are free to put handles or knobs just about anywhere you desire. The advantage of MeasurePro for Cabinets is that there is no need to measure and it provides a standardized setting.

Creative Interpolation

OK, here we go…..

Suppose you want to vertically center a drawer front of 5 1/2 inches. Or, 11 inches. The first would require a vertical center of 2 3/4". The next, a vertical center of 5 1/2 inches. Neither of which is on the template.

So, it’s easy. I’ll demonstrate on the 11-inch vertical front. First, mark five inches down. (Mark with light pencil a few holes above that one. You’ll see why)

Now, turn the template around and upside down. Line it up over the five-inch mark (using those other holes you marked to make sure you keep it square, especially on knobs) and mark down another half inch. You’ve now gone down 5 1/2 inches. Vertically centered. Just so you’ll know. There are vertical span differences of 1-inch, 1/2-inch, 1/4-inch (the small holes between 1" and 1 1/4") and 1/8th of an inch. Use the full-sized holes as they are all 1/8"

For a 2 3/4 inch vertical center, measure down 2 1/2 inches as marked on the MeasurePro template. Now turn it over and upside down, align one of the upper holes over the hole or holes you marked and go down another 1/4". This is the difference between the smaller holes on the top of the template.

Unusual or different settings

If you have an unusual or different style of cabinet door and the standard settings don’t work, you can make your own hole or holes in the template for a particular job.

Coffee Cups

Yes. You want to install coffee cup hooks in a cabinet. Just put the MeasurePro for Drawers against the bottom of the shelf. Mark a set of holes, let’s say four inches, then slide and mark the next hole down the line. They are equal distance apart and equal distance from the front of the shelf.

Lots of different jobs

Keep the MeasurePro templates in a tool box or drawer as you’ll find lots of uses for a measured template. Putting the new decorative decals up, for one, is an excellent use. Or, installing your own shutters. Just about anywhere you need equal spacing and precise measurements, one or the other MeasurePro can do the job.